Jiyu Update - August 2019

Josh Huelsman · August 18, 2019

It has been about a month since I last wrote about my new programming-language project, Jiyu, so I’m going to briefly talk about the changes that have happened since.


Libraries and macOS frameworks can now be specified using the declarators library and framework, respectively.

#if os(Windows) {
	library "msvcrt";
	library "opengl32";

#if os(MacOSX) {
	library "c";
	framework "OpenGL";

These inform the built-in linker command on what libraries to link, and will eventually inform the LLVM JIT on what libraries to load.


The compiler now looks for module-libraries in the jiyu/modules folder. The folder is located by searching up the directory tree from the executable’s path for a folder named jiyu, then modules is appended to the path. This will likely change as the compiler matures, but it currently makes working with modules easy. There is a new #import directive to reference a module from the scope that the directive is declared in. Since modules are intended to be referenced from many parts of a program, they exist in a scope-bubble of their own and cannot see declarations in the program’s global scope. Due to this, modules must also import other modules that they depend on.

#import "Array";

func main() {
	var array: [..] uint8;
	array_add(*array, 1);


There is now a Build_Options struct for specifying compilation options. Currently, only the output executable name and target-triple can be specified. Consequently, create_compiler_instance() -> *Compiler now accepts a *Builder_Options parameter. Build options for a compiler instance can not be changed after create_compiler_instance() is called.

struct Build_Options {
	var executable_name: string;
	var target_triple: string;

// ...

#import "Compiler";

func @metaprogram main() {
	var options: Build_Options;
	options.executable_name = "my_cool_program";
	options.target_triple   = "arm-none-elf-eabi";
	var compiler = create_compiler_instance(*options);
	// ...


  • Jiyu programs can now be debugged in your favorite debugger!

Jiyu Program in MSVC debugger

  • Aggregate types are now passed via an invisible reference.
  • As mentioned previously, one can now specify a target triple to the compiler. LLVM will honor this, enabling cross-compilation.


With these few changes, the compiler and language should be a bit more practical to use. I plan to post updates on a monthly basis, granted there’s enough changes, or a big enough change, that’s worth talking about.

The code for the compiler can be found at: jiyu. Pull requests, feature requests, and issue reports are all welcome.

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